Arizona Medical Marijuana - Do's and Don'ts

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When Prop 203 passed in Arizona in 2010, residents at last had legal rights to purchase medical marijuana via licensed dispensaries or designated caregivers. But along with those rights came a wave of regulations that can sometimes seem difficult to navigate. To help you keep on course, here’s a rundown of things you should know.

Do’s For Medical Marijuana In Arizona:

  • DO be sure you meet one of Arizona’s qualifying medical conditions for obtaining, possessing, and consuming medical marijuana. These medical conditions include, but aren’t limited to:
    • Chronic pain
    • Cancer
    • Glaucoma
    • Human immunodeficiency virus
    • Acquired immune deficiency syndrome
    • Hepatitis C
  • DO apply for your Arizona medical marijuana card. You can do so through your doctor (if your physician has registered with the state of Arizona) or through a licensed medical marijuana certification center. Not all physicians in Arizona have registered with the state to certify patients for the medical marijuana program, so contact your primary care provider for information.
  • DO learn the laws about growing cannabis in Arizona. If you’d like to grow your own medical marijuana - or designate a caregiver to grow plants for you - you must meet the state’s criteria and live at least 25 miles from the nearest medical marijuana dispensary.
  • DO go slowly when you first start consuming medical marijuana. Once you get your Arizona medical marijuana card, try a few different strains, edibles, or other cannabis products in small amounts and low doses to determine your tolerance.
  • DO take notes as you try various medical marijuana products. Everyone reacts differently, so journaling your experience with medical cannabis can help you decide what’s best for your body.
  • DO ask lots of questions. Your Personal Service Providers at Nature’s Medicines dispensaries will listen to your needs and preferences and offer the best recommendations.
  • DO ask dispensaries for their medical marijuana test results. Mandatory testing of medical marijuana goes into effect in Arizona in 2020. At Nature’s Medicines, however, we’re already testing our medical marijuana products for potency, mold, and pesticides. We’re proud of our quality standards and would be happy to share our testing results with you.
  • DO familiarize yourself with all medical marijuana laws in Arizona and follow them carefully.

DON’Ts For Medical Marijuana In Arizona:

  • DON’T consume cannabis in public, especially while driving.
  • DON’T exceed your Arizona allotment. Medical marijuana laws in Arizona only allow you to purchase up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana every two weeks and to possess up to 2.5 ounces at any given time.
  • DON’T sell your medical marijuana to others. Patient-to-patient trades are fine as long as no money is exchanged.
  • DON’T carry your medical marijuana over state lines. Medical marijuana is still considered illegal by the federal government. You can’t legally fly to other states or other countries with cannabis on you - even if marijuana is legal where you’re going.
  • DON’T forget to renew your medical marijuana card! Unless you were certified after August 27th, 2019, your state ID is only valid for one year. Be sure to renew before your card expires to avoid lapses.

Please rest assured that you’ll always receive trustworthy medical marijuana guidance at Nature’s Medicines dispensaries in Arizona.

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