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House Blend PRR (1g) Platinum OG Kush (Medicinal use)

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Relax. Kick back. Light up. It’s so quick and easy to get to your happy zone when these stellar Pre Rolls are waiting for you. No need to fuss at all. We’ve already done all the work. Isn’t it wonderful when your Pre Rolls are ready to go whenever you are! Available in a variety of your favorite strains.
*The stated percentages on this website may indicate the aggregate, and not individual amounts, of THC/CBD, THCA/CBDA, THCB/CBDB contained in our marijuana and/or marijuana products. For specific potency information, including the amounts of THC/CBD, THCA/CBDA, THCB/CBDB contained in a specific marijuana or marijuana product, please review the product label
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Category Flower
Brand House Blend
Type Hybrid
THC High

Test Scores

  • THC % : 19.86