How To Choose A Dispensary In Pennsylvania

Medical marijuana pre-rolled joints in a dispensary

With the blossoming of the medical marijuana industry, more and more Americans are trying cannabis for the first time ever. Many, especially Boomers and GenXers, say they’d rather treat their health conditions with marijuana than depend on Big Pharma for their medications.

Whatever leads you to the world of medical marijuana, you’ll need to find a dispensary you can trust - not just for pure, quality products, but for highly trained pharmacists who truly care about educating you and guiding you to the most effective medical marijuna remedies.

So where do you start?

Do Some Research To Find Medical Marijuna Dispensaries Close By

It’s actually pretty easy to locate medical marijuana dispensaries near you. You can start by looking on Google Maps. Maybe you’ve driven by a medical marijuana dispensary while running errands in your area or driving to work. It’s possible you’ve even passed Nature’s Medicines dispensaries when you’ve been out and about.

Talk To Your Circle Of Friends

Patients who enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana enjoy talking about their experiences. Do you know anyone with a medical marijuana card? Ask them how they like their dispensary? Are the pharmacists and staff members welcoming? Knowledgeable? Did they spend enough time asking the right questions? Remember that people you know — if they’re open to the discussion - are the best resources you have for finding the meant-for-you dispensary.

Check Out Medical Marijuana Dispensary Reviews

Next, look for reviews. This is the digital age, and when medical marijuana patients are happy or disappointed with a dispensary, they often take to social media and online review sites. Search for dispensary hashtags on tagged posts to see what consumers are saying. Read the reviews for more in-depth information. Stick to the ones that are specific rather than customer rants.

Plan Your First Dispensary Visit

Once you hear about a dispensary that interests you, plan a visit. When you arrive, what are your first impressions of the waiting area? Is the receptionist friendly when you check in? What about your pharmacist? Did you feel comfortable asking questions about their recommended medical marijuana products and the kinds of product testing that is done? Your first visit will give you a good sense of the dispensary’s philosophy and management.

How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost In Pennsylvania?

Something else to consider before you visit a dispensary is your budget. Prices can vary widely in the medical marijuana industry so include this in your research. Your pharmacist should know everything about every product in the medical marijuana dispensary. Be open about what you’re looking for and your budget.

Shop Around For Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

When you’re starting out, don’t be afraid to try more than one dispensary and compare your impressions. It’s helpful to keep a journal and note what you’re learning throughout your exploratory mission.

Bring along whatever questions you have when you visit Nature’s Medicines dispensaries in Pennsylvania. Our caring pharmacists will be happy to give you reliable information.

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