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As true believers in the restorative powers of cannabis, our mission is to turn you into a believer too. Whether you’re new to the wonders of cannabis, or a longtime connoisseur, Nature’s Medicines is here to guide you. Our number one goal is to inspire you on your personal self-care journey - and educate you along the way.

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  1. Tryke - Dutcheez (2g) Mango (Medicinal use)
    Only 1 left
    Tryke - Dutcheez (2g) Mango (Medicinal use)
  2. Tryke - Dutcheez (2g) Grape (Medicinal use)
    Only 11 left
    Tryke - Dutcheez (2g) Grape (Medicinal use)
  3. G3 Flower (3.5g) Horchata (Medicinal use)
    Only 19 left
    G3 Flower (3.5g) Horchata (Medicinal use)
  4. Yummy Gummy (500mg) Indica 10x50mg (Medicinal use)
    Only 4 left
    Yummy Gummy (500mg) Indica 10x50mg (Medicinal use)

Items 13-16 of 16

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