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Drip Batter (Platinum Tier) (1.0g) Green Crack (Medicinal use)

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A highly desirable cannabis concentrate, Badder (Batter) has a solid but soft consistency. Some compare its texture to creamy cupcake frosting. It’s often used with dab rigs and vape pens. Butane, propane or CO2 are typically used in the extraction process.
*The stated percentages on this website may indicate the aggregate, and not individual amounts, of THC/CBD, THCA/CBDA, THCB/CBDB contained in our marijuana and marijuana products. Please review the product label for specific potency information for a particular marijuana or marijuana product. If multiple product batches are in the system, results will show as a range.
More Information
Category Concentrates
Brand Drip
Type Sativa
THC High
Genetics Skunk #1, Unknown

Test Scores

  • THCA % : 92.94
  • THC % : 84.17
  • CBD % : 0.00