Maryland Allotment Of Medical Marijuana

Jars of medical marijuana on display for patients

Before you start shopping for medical marijuana in Maryland, you’re no doubt wondering how much you can legally buy. Surprisingly, Maryland doesn’t impose a limit on how much you can purchase when visiting a dispensary. But the state does have strict limits on possession.

Medical Marijuana Allotment In Maryland

In Maryland, your physician will determine how much medical marijuana your qualifying condition requires per month. This information will be noted on your medical marijuana certification.

According to Maryland law, you’re allowed to possess up to 120 grams at any one time. This cap is based on a 30-day supply. The amount is calculated as a rolling 30-day limit and doesn’t go by calendar date. Instead it’s based on the date you started purchasing medical marijuana with your Maryland medical marijuana card.

Exceptions To Medical Marijuana Allotment In Maryland

If at any time you feel you need to increase the amount of medical marijuana allotted to you each month, talk to your physician about raising your limit.

It’s possible for you to receive a special determination from a doctor if your qualifying medical condition requires more than 120 grams of cannabis a month.

Nature’s Medicines can help you keep track of your doses and allotment. Our caring and supportive Personal Service Providers will be happy to advise you whenever you visit.

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