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Grassroots $45 Shake/Trim (Prepack 1/4oz) Garlic Cookies (Medicinal use)

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Shake describes what you find at the bottom of a container of cannabis buds. It mainly consists of broken calyxes, sugar leaves and occasionally crushed flowers that have broken off at the bud. Shake can be smoked and used for making edibles. Trim refers to the cannabis leftovers that remain after trimming. Most trim is not recommended for smoking because of its low potency and harshness. It can, however, be used for making edibles or other cannabis infusions
*The stated percentages on this website may indicate the aggregate, and not individual amounts, of THC/CBD, THCA/CBDA, THCB/CBDB contained in our marijuana and/or marijuana products. For specific potency information, including the amounts of THC/CBD, THCA/CBDA, THCB/CBDB contained in a specific marijuana or marijuana product, please review the product label
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Category Flower
Brand Grassroots
Type Hybrid
Genetics Chemdawg, Girl Scout Cookies