Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana - Do's and Don'ts

Medical marijuana on a table next to a stethoscope

Now that you have your medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania, it’s important to review the laws of the program. Since medical marijuana is still considered illegal by the federal government, each state is responsible for developing its own cannabis program. The laws vary state by state and the available medical marijuana products differ, too. Be sure to educate yourself sufficiently to avoid any legal problems in Pennsylvania and even when you’re travelling elsewhere.

Before you head out the door to visit a dispensary, take a few minutes to read these helpful tips for every medical marijuana patient in Pennsylvania:

Medical Marijuana Do’s In Pennsylvania:

  • DO research your diagnosis that qualifed you for medical marijuana so that you can discuss it with a dispensary pharmacist
  • DO have your state medical marijuana card with you whenever you shop at a dispensary
  • DO have a Pennsylvania ID on your first visit to a medical marijuana dispensary to create your personal record
  • DO schedule an appointment with the medical marijuana pharmacist before your first dispensary visit
  • DO learn about the wide variety of medical marijuana products available in Pennsylvania dispensaries
  • DO research medical marijuana dispensaries online and pay attention to valid reviews from other patients
  • DO ask a lot of questions! The medical marijuana pharmacists at Nature’s Medicines dispensaries are there to listen to your needs and help you make the best choices.

Medical Marijuana Don’ts In Pennsylvania:

  • DON’T forget to keep your medical marijuana certification in a safe place
  • DON’T expect to buy edibles, as they are illegal in Pennsylvania
  • DON’T smoke medical marijuana flower in Pennsylvania because only vaping this product is legal
  • DON’T expect your medical insurance to cover medical marijuana
  • DON’T attempt to purchase cannabis without a state-issued certification from Pennsylvania and only Pennsylvania

If you have questions regarding the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program, just ask us when you visit one of our Nature’s Medicines dispensaries in Pennsylvania.

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