Michigan Medical Marijuana - Do's and Don'ts

Dried medical marijuana next to a prescription container

Ever since Michigan voters passed Proposal 1 in 2008, medical marijuana has been available to qualifying patients. To help you navigate Michigan’s complex system, we’d like to offer some important do’s and dont’s.

Do’s For Medical Marijuana In Michigan

  • DO meet with your doctor to get diagnosed with one of the state’s qualifying conditions for medical marijuana patients
  • DO take your diagnosis to a medical marijuana certification clinic
  • DO research the medical marijana dispensaries with the best reviews in your area
  • DO remember to take along a state-issued photo ID and your medical marijuana card whenever you visit a dispensary
  • DO know the laws when it comes to growing at home. No more than 12 plants are allowed in an enclosed facility.
  • DO keep track of what you’re buying so you don’t exceed your allotment
  • DO talk to other medical marijuana patients to learn from their experiences
  • DO go slowly as a new medical marijuana patient. It takes time to understand your tolerance.
  • DO take notes along your medical marijuana journey. List the strains, edibles, or other medical marijuana products you’ve tried. Track the effects of each.
  • DO ask questions whenever you’re at a medical marijuana dispensary. At Nature’s Medicines dispensaries, our Patient Service Providers are always happy to educate you.

DON’Ts For Medical Marijuana In Michigan

  • DON’T forget that the first step to obtaining your medical marijuana card is to see a doctor to get diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition
  • DON’T forget to take your medical records with you to the medical marijuana certification clinic
  • DON’T expect to use credit or debit cards at a medical marijuana dispensary. Some only accept cash.
  • DON’T sell your medical marijuana to anyone, including other patients. It’s not legal.
  • DON’T grow more than the 12-plant limit.
  • DON’T travel over state lines with medical marijuana. It’s not worth the risk.

Need more info about medical marijuana in Michigan? Talk to a Patient Service Provider on your next visit to a Nature’s Medicines dispensary. We have a medical marijuana dispensary in Michigan, a medical marijuana dispensary in Bay City, and coming soon, a medical marijuana dispensary in District 7.