Missouri Medical Marijuana – Do’s And Don’ts

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Ever since Missouri voters passed Amendment 2 in 2018, medical marijuana has been available to state residents with qualifying medical conditions. To help you navigate your way through Missouri’s medical cannabis system, we’d like to offer some basic do’s and don’ts.

Do’s For Medical Marijuana in Missouri

•DO find a doctor who will verify that you have one of the state’s qualifying conditions for medical marijuana patients.

•DO remember to renew your medical marijuana ID card every year.

•DO research the medical marijuana dispensaries with the best reviews in your area.

•DO remember to carry your state-issued medical marijuana card and a valid photo ID whenever you visit a dispensary.

•DO keep track of the cannabis you purchase, so you don’t exceed your allotment.

•DO go slowly as a new medical marijuana patient. It takes time to understand your cannabis tolerance.

•DO take notes along your medical marijuana journey. List the strains and products that you’ve tried, and track the effects of each.

•DO ask questions whenever you’re at a medical marijuana dispensary. At Nature’s Medicines dispensaries, our Personal Service Providers are always happy to share their knowledge.

Don’ts for Medical Marijuana in Missouri

•DON’T forget that you can only possess up to a 60-day supply of dried, unprocessed medical marijuana, or its equivalent, if you’re not cultivating your own plants.

•DON’T grow more than the state limit of six flowering medical marijuana plants.

•DON’T expect to use credit or debit cards at a medical marijuana dispensary. Some dispensaries only accept cash.

•DON’T consume cannabis in public, in accordance with Missouri law.

•DON’T travel out of state with medical marijuana. It’s not worth the risk.

•DON’T operate a vehicle or heavy machinery when consuming medical marijuana. Nature’s Medicines is dedicated to the safety and well-being of our patients.

Please feel free to ask us questions about medical cannabis options that are available to you at our medical marijuana dispensary in St. Ann.

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