Pennsylvania Allotment Of Medical Marijuana

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You’ve taken the steps to get your medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania and have it in hand. You’ve done your research, too. Like searching for dispensaries near your home or work. Asking friends for referrals. Familiarizing yourself with the medical marijuana products that sound best for you. Now, it’s time to buy your own. (If you haven’t found a dispensary yet, learn how to choose which medical marijuana dispensary is right for you).

Medical Marijuana Products In Pennsylvania

Once you’ve received your medical marijuana card in the mail, you can purchase your 30-day supply at any one of Nature’s Medicines Pennsylvania marijuana dispensaries. You’ll find a wide assortment of medical marijuana products to choose from, including:

    • Medical marijuana creams
    • Medical marijuana gels
    • Medical marijuana liquids
    • Medical marijuana oils
    • Medical marijuana ointments
    • Medical marijuana pills
    • Medical marijuana tinctures
    • Medical marijuana dried leaf

Dried leaf wasn’t originally included in the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program. Fortunately, it was added later, as it is the most affordable cannabis product for medical patients. However, if you do purchase dried flower be aware. You’re only allowed to vape, not smoke it.

30-Day Supply Of Medical Marijuana

So how much medical cannabis are you allowed to purchase in Pennsylvania? 

Pennsylvania medical marijuana patients are allowed to buy a 30-day supply of product from a medical marijuana dispensary. Each purchase has to have a record attached to it outlining which products were bought.

The Pennsylvania medical marijuana 30-day supply amounts are determined by  pharmacists on-staff at the dispensary. They’ve researched medical marijuana protocols extensively and use this knowledge to determine how much medical marijuana a patient needs for their qualifying condition. This can be adjusted as time goes on based on what the pharmacist believes to be the best possible medical marijuana solution for every patient.

If you run out of your medical marijuana before the 30 days is over, you’re able to reorder during the last seven days of your previous 30-day allotment. So, for example, if you bought your supply on the first of the month, and ran out by the 23rd, you’re allowed to return to the medical marijuana dispensary to purchase more cannabis. If you find that you often have to refill your medical marijuana supply before the end of the month, talk to the pharmacist about changing your medical marijuana protocol.

Medical Marijuana Pharmacist Information

As a medical marijuana patient In Pennsylvania, you’re only required to see a pharmacist on your first visit unless your medical marijuana protocol needs to be changed. Most medical marijuana dispensaries in Pennsylvania require you to book an appointment with a pharmacist ahead of time.

At Nature’s Medicines dispensaries in Pennsylvania, our pharmacists are highly aware of medical marijuana allotments and can help you stay on track.

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