Massachusetts Allotment

A dried cannabis flower being weighed and dispensed

Massachusetts voters passed a much welcomed medical marijuana program in 2012 permitting medical marijuana patients to buy cannabis after being diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition. Four years later, on election day 2016, voters took an even bigger leap by legalizing recreational, or adult-use, cannabis in the state. One of the major differences between the two programs is the allotments. As a medical marijuana patient, you’ll benefit from higher allotments. Medical marijuana patients also benefit from zero taxes and more potent strains.

Medical Marijuana Patient Allotments In Massachusetts

Before you can purchase medical marijuana in Massachusetts, you’ll have to register with the state’s medical marijuana program. Once a physician has diagnosed you with a qualifying medical condition, you can apply online to receive a medical marijuana card in the mail.

When looking for a medical marijuana dispensary that meets your needs, it’s wise to do some research to make sure the shop services medical marijuana patients - not just recreational consumers.

How much can you buy? There are limits on what medical marijuana patients are allowed to purchase and possess. Your medical marijuana allotment in Massachusetts is based on a doctor’s prescription of a 60-day supply, up to 10 ounces. The 60-day supply can change over time based on your needs as a patient. It’s called a “rolling 60-day” limit.

Growing Your Own Medical Marijuana In Massachusetts

Along with the 10-ounce dispensary limit, medical marijuana patients - over the age of 21 - are also allowed to grow their own medical marijuana plants. As a medical cannabis patient, you can have up to 12 plants, but only six of them can be flowering.

Recreational Cannabis Allotment In Massachusetts

If you don’t qualify as a medical marijuana patient in Massachusetts, you can buy cannabis for recreational purposes. As long as you’re over 21 years old, you can shop at any dispensary in the state that sells recreational cannabis products.

Adult-use dispensaries in Massachusetts can sell you up to an ounce of flower at a time and up to five grams of concentrate. You can have up to 10 ounces in your home. Growing is legal, too. You can have up to six flowering, or 12 total plants, the same allotment given to medical marijuna patients.

Have any questions about your allotment as a medical marijuana patient or recreational consumer? Talk to us at Nature’s Medicines on your next visit. Our welcoming staff at our medical marijuana dispensary in Fall River will be happy to provide the information you need.