How To Choose A Dispensary

A pharmacist dispenses medical marijuana in dried flower form

Medical marijuana and recreational cannabis are both legal in Massachusetts. The state’s medical marijuana program was approved in 2012, and recreational marijuana was passed by voters in 2016. To shop at Massachusetts marijuana dispensaries, you must have a Massachusetts medical marijuana card, or be over the age of 21. Being over the age of 21 allows you to use cannabis for recreational reasons.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Massachusetts

The first step to acquiring your medical marijuana card in Massachusetts is to see your physician and meet one of the medical qualifying conditions. There are more than 100 medical qualifying conditions in Massachusetts - way beyond most other medical marijuana states in the country.

Once you’ve received your medical marijuana card, you can purchase medical cannabis at a dispensary. Even though Massachusetts allows recreational marijuana, many patients choose to remain medical marijuana patients. Here’s why:

  • Recreational cannabis is taxed in Massachusetts, sometimes up to 20%. Medical marijuana is not taxed at all.
  • Prices are lower for you if you’re a patient because your use is considered medicinal.
  • You’ll have shorter lines - and a shorter wait – if you’re a medical marijuana patient.
  • If you suffer from financial hardship, you’ll get discounts if you’re a medical marijuana patient, rather than an adult-use consumer.
  • You can buy higher doses of medical marijuana products, such as edibles, which have a maximum allowed THC of 100 mg if you’re a recreational buyer.
  • Medical marijuana patients can take advantage of convenient home delivery.
  • Not all dispensaries can service recreational cannabis sales, as some haven’t switched to allow both medical and recreational sales.
  • As a medical marijuana patient, you have more dispensaries to choose from.

Recreational Dispensaries In Massachusetts

Currently, there are 28 dispensaries in Massachusetts (with more being added) that have been approved for recreational customers. When you’re looking for a recreational dispensary in Massachusetts, check out online reviews and pay special attention to wait times. Some dispensaries have such long lines that people have to park far away and take free shuttles to the shop.

Why not ask your friends if they have a favorite recreational marijuana dispensary? Things to ask, if you’re new to marijuana, are:

  • Variety of marijuana products for recreational consumers
  • Pricing (including taxes)
  • Knowledge and friendliness of the staff, Patient Service Providers, and Budtenders
  • Favorite marijuana products they’d recommend

Once you find a marijuana dispensary you like, share your thoughts with friends and write online reviews. Word-of-mouth is the best way to share first-hand information when it comes to medical marijuana and recreational cannabis. You’ll feel good about helping others make educated decisions.

If you have any questions about the differences between being a medical marijuana patient and a recreational cannabis consumer, be sure to ask our Patient Service Providers or staff members when you visit Nature’s Medicines dispensaries.

Need more information about buying medical marijuana in Massachusetts? Ask a Nature’s Medicines Patient Service Provider. We have a medical marijuana dispensary in Fall River.