How To Choose A Dispensary In Maryland

A Personal Service Provider dispenses medical marijuana pre-rolls

Maryland still doesn’t allow medical marijuana patients to grow medical marijuana at home, but as of November 2019 most of the state’s 94 licensed dispensaries are open for business.

Once you have a state-issued medical marijuana card in hand, embark on your search to find a medical marijuana dispensary to call your own. There are lots of ways to get started.

Ask Your Doctor

When your physician diagnoses you with a qualifying medical condition, make sure to ask for dispensary recommendations. It’s likely he or she is familiar with reputable dispensaries in the area and might even suggest some strains for you to try.

Ask A Friend

Chances are you know some people who are already medical marijuana patients in Maryland. Ask them to share their experiences with you. Do they have a favorite dispensary they frequent? Why did they choose their dispensary? How welcoming are their Personal Service Providers? How about the selection and quality of their medical marijuana products? The honest answers your friends offer will be very helpful in your decision-making process.

Check The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission’s Website

The medical marijuana program in Maryland is run by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC). On their website, you can find current, in-depth information about all aspects of becoming a medical marijuana patient including how to get your medical marijuana card. You’ll also find a list of dispensaries that are already open for business as well as others going through their final approval process with the MMCC.

Keep in mind that the MMCC website is an excellent way to verify that a medical marijuana dispensary is licensed and not a black market operation.

Look For Medical Marijuana Dispensaries On Your Favorite Routes

Keep on the lookout for medical marijuana dispensaries as you drive to work or are out doing errands. It’s a good idea to make mental notes of the dispensaries you pass on your travels about town. You’ll want to follow up by researching them before you visit.

Do An Online Search

Your doctor gave you some recommendations, your friends told you where they like to purchase medical marijuana, and you’ve seen some interesting looking dispensaries on your commute to and from work. Now it’s time to research medical marijuana dispensaries online.

Look For Online Medical Marijuana Dispensary Reviews

There are many reputable websites with information about medical marijuana dispensaries in Maryland. As you hear about or notice dispensaries that interest you, spend some time investigating their online reviews. Things you’ll want to focus on are:

  • Testimonials from their patients
  • Photos of the medical marijuana dispensary
  • Proximity to your home or work
  • A menu of products they offer

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