How To Choose A Dispensary

A physician prescribes medical marijuana to a patient

Connecticut’s medical marijuana program came on the scene in 2012. As of November 2019, there were 18 medical marijuana dispensaries approved to operate in Connecticut, with 15 already open for business. Once you’ve qualified for and received your state medical marijuana card in the mail, it’s time to find the dispensary that’s right for you. This will be the dispensary you always go to, as medical marijuana patients have to put this on their application for their medical marijuana cards.

Ask Your Physician

When you’re with your doctor discussing medical marijuana, and you’ve been diagnosed with one of the qualifying medical conditions, he or she may be able to recommend a local medical marijuana dispensary. Ask for product recommendations too.

Ask Your Friends

Do you have friends who are medical marijuana patients? You’ll find that their firsthand knowledge is very helpful when you’re seeking advice about dispensaries nearby. Your buddies with medical marijuana cards may even be open to accompanying you on your first dispensary trip. Why not see if they’re game!

Check Connecticut’s Medical Marijuana Website

Every state that has a medical marijuana program has a department within the state government that oversees it. By consulting Connecticut’s website, you’ll find a list of all approved medical marijuana dispensaries in the state. This information could potentially protect you from shopping at a black market shop.

Do An Online Search

Medical marijuana dispensaries can often be found with a simple online search. You can either head to Google, or check out cannabis-specific apps for patient reviews and comparative information. Consider narrowing down your dispensary search geographically - by neighborhood, town, or zip code.

Look For Dispensaries On Your Daily Route

Think of the roads you travel most frequently while commuting to work or out running errands. You likely pass some medical marijuan dispensaries along the way. Whenever you do, note their names and then research them online. You’ll want to be certain the dispensaries along your route are certified by the state.

Online Medical Marijuana Reviews

When medical marijuana patients are happy - or disappointed - with a medical marijuana dispensary, they tend to be very vocal with their opinions. That’s great for newbies. As you’re researching medical marijuana dispensaries in Connecticut, seek out reviews of the ones you’re considering. Look for overall ratings to make the best, most educated decisions.

Research Medical Marijuana Products

Have you noticed ads or social media posts about medical marijuana products in Connecticut? Since brands differ geographically, you may find products that are only available in your state. Look them up online and if they sound appealing find out which medical marijuana dispensaries carry them. Nature’s Medicines always has a wide selection of cannabis products, from flower to edibles to topicals to concentrates and tinctures.

Document Your Medical Marijuana Experiences

Once you’ve made the leap and joined the ranks of medical marijuana patients in Connecticut, you’ll want to keep notes about the products you try. How do they make you feel? How quickly do they work? Of course every patient is unique, and some people respond differently to the same products. It’s always smart to do your research and become your own advocate.

If you have any questions about the cannabis products available in Connecticut, or the medical marijuana program in general, ask a caring Pharmacist when you visit our Nature’s Medicines medical marijuana dispensary in Mansfield.