What Is The Right Cannabis For Me

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Flower, vapes, concentrates, topicals. With so many choices beckoning from marijuana dispensary displays, how can you make up your mind? We hope our mini guide will give you the basics for making smart decisions. 


Cannabis flower is the beautiful fruit of a harvest in its bud form. Cannabis lines the shelves of every marijuana dispensary you enter. You can roll cannabis flower into a joint, grind it into a bowl, or load it into a bong. Cannabis flower is the versatile, quintessential classic.

Cannabis flower comes in three strains: 

Sativa Strain – for an awake, creative, inspirational experience; this type of flower is good for hiking, biking, and daytime activities 

Indica Strain –  for a totally relaxing, chill experience; this type of flower is good for movie watching, lounging, and evening de-stressing 

Hybrid Strain – a genetic blend for both a cerebral and body high; this type of flower is good for you-name-it

Who Is Cannabis Flower For 
Cannabis flower is for purists who appreciate cannabis in its most organic, natural form and don’t mind smoke.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are slim, portable, handheld devices that vaporize the active ingredients in cannabis. The process is based on heating dried cannabis flower, oil or, wax to just below combustion level, releasing potent, cannabinoid-filled vapor.

Who Are Vape Pens For 
Vape pens are for cannabis lovers who don’t want to inhale combusted byproducts and who enjoy discreet, on-the-go toking. 

Cannabis Edibles

Edibles are foods and beverages that are infused with cannabis. The options are mind-blowing – brownies, cookies, gummies, lollipops, caramels, hot sauce, sodas, and espressos, just to start. 

Since THC and CBD are fat soluble and can be suspended in butter and coconut oil, it’s possible to add cannabis to just about any dish or drink.

WARNING: Edibles can be very strong. We recommend that you begin very slowly, with no more than 5 to 10 milligrams, and wait up to 90 minutes to feel the effects. Never forget that an edible high will last much longer than a smoking high. So don’t be foolish and overdo it. Ingesting too much could ruin a wonderful experience.

Who Are Edibles For 
Edibles are for people with respiratory weaknesses and anyone desiring a long-lasting body high.


Topicals are cannabis-infused products that are absorbed through the skin. Topicals are available in a number of soothing forms, including creams, lotions, oils, balms, body wash, and patches. 

Who Are Topicals For 
Topicals are for people who suffer from arthritis or fibromyalgia. People with localized aches and inflammation also often find that topicals are an effective way to alleviate pain. CBD oils without psychoactive THC are preferred by people who want relief without the high. Most people choose topicals that contain both CBD and THC for comfort and a bit of a buzz. 


Sometimes described as “all-killer, no-filler,” concentrates are potent extracts made by isolating essential compounds from the cannabis plant. Concentrates come in many forms with some amusing names, such as batter, shatter, wax, sap, and nectar. Super intense, concentrates will give you a jolt with their high THC content. Concentrates are often used with vape pens and devices called dab rigs.

Who Are Concentrates For 
Concentrates are for experienced cannabis lovers, people who enjoy tasting the true flavor of the plant, and those who prefer higher potency with less smoke.

All of this information may seem like a lot to digest, but no worries. The Personal Service Providers at our marijuana dispensaries love cannabis and want you to love it, too. They’re well-trained and happy to explain your options and answer your questions. 

Hint: You may want to keep notes in a journal so you’ll remember what products and strains made you feel the best. Also, it’s always fun to look back on your odyssey.

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