What Is Self-Care?

A woman holds a marijuana joint while sipping tea

The concept of “self-care” has an intimate relationship with medical marijuana.

While some may associate it with indulgent spa days or glamping in Malibu, the true essence of self-care has more to do with honoring yourself in simple ways that add new meaning to your overall outlook and wellbeing.

In other words, self-care is the fuel that allows you to use your energy to achieve your highest human potential while illuminating your mind, body and spirit. In the medical marijuana universe, self-care is finding itself front-and-center. And that makes perfect sense.

Cannabis And Physical Self-Care

With its focus on natural healthy living, medical cannabis can lead you to self discovery and a new awareness of the mind-body connection. Self-care, itself, is a self-discovery process that can be nourished by the restorative nature of medical cannabis.Through trial and error you can learn how the many different forms of marijuana can relieve pain, boost your energy, and improve your outlook on life.

Regarding physical benefits, many fitness devotees report that medical cannabis is helpful both during and after their workouts. The right sativa or CBD strain can keep you motivated and focused during your workouts. After a strenuous workout, many strains can also help ease any soreness and inflammation. Medical marijuana is used by many professional athletes for these reasons.

Cannabis For Emotional Health

Many medical marijuana patients also rely on cannabis as a component of their emotional self-care routine. When you’re having an overly stressful day, cannabis can be effective in taking the edge off your tension enabling you to relax and calmly return to your productive self.

People with mental health challenges are also finding comfort through medical marijuna. Studies are showing that medical cannabis can offer relief from anxiety, depression, addiction, and post-traumatic stress.

How Do You Get Started With Self-Care?

First, make a list of activities you already enjoy that impact your health in some way. A weekly bike ride? Walking your dog in the park? Maybe it’s planting more veggies in your garden. No matter what you’re already doing, get that list going. You may be surprised at how much self-care is already part of your life. And, if you’re a medical marijuana patient, you can add that to your self-care list as well. Great news, right?

Create A Cannabis Routine For Self-Care

A good way to implement a routine is to note your self-care plans on your calendar. Plan it out a week or two in advance. Use a different color pen so you can see it better. “If you see it, you can be it!” is a concept that plays an important role in self-care. Actively planning and writing down what you’ll be doing for yourself will give you things to look forward to in your development of a self-care routine and lifestyle. If you consume cannabis, why not jot down the medical marijuana strains that help with some of the activities on your calendar.

Learn To Say No As Part Of Self-Care

Self-care also has a lot to do with learning to say “no” to things that don’t serve you anymore. Make a list of things you do that you don’t really enjoy anymore or that you know aren’t going to improve your self-care journey. Medical cannabis may inspire you to turn your phone off and relax more. Some patients also find that marijuana encourages them to cut back on alcohol.

Diet And Self-Care

Don’t forget to eat properly. If you’re trying to improve your life and make wellness a priority, a healthy diet is going to contribute to your emotional and mental health, as well. Medical marijuana can be a part of a healthy diet if you avoid sugary treats. Infuse your own cooking oils, like olive and coconut, to use in homemade, healthy edibles.

Self-Care Helps With Sleep

Track your sleep. Lack of sleep contributes to heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Adults need to get between seven and eight hours of sleep a night. That doesn’t make you lazy. It means you’re doing what your body needs to function efficiently. It’s possible that a pure medical marijuana indica strain or edible could help you fall asleep faster and sleep soundly through the night. In fact many patients with PTSD claim that medical marijuana helps them block out bad dreams that can disrupt their sleep patterns.

Self-Care Includes Seeing Your Doctor

Americans it seems hate going to the doctor. They go after something happens, instead of trying to prevent it. Seeing your physician annually not only keeps things in check, but also gives you validation once you implement your self-care routine. You’ll be able to actually see the results of being mindful of your health. More and more doctors are open to talking about medical marijuana with their patients. If your doctor is one of them, show him or her your self-care list on your next visit. You’d probably be educating them as you’re taking care of yourself. That’s valuable information they could use with other patients.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Self-care is for things we enjoy doing, not things we force upon ourselves. Hold yourself accountable. Give yourself small challenges to overcome if you’re overwhelmed with your self-care routine at first. Implement your medical marijuana knowledge, and observe how it illuminates your mind, body and spirit overall.

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