How To Choose A Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Missouri

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At Nature’s Medicines, we believe in the value of educating all Missouri medical marijuana patients about the choices they’ll need to make — especially when it comes to choosing a dispensary. Of course we hope that you’ll select us as your personal medical marijuana dispensary. But we also believe that the best way to lead you to our door is to give you the most important information to consider as you make your decisions about medical marijuana.

Please read our suggestions below. By doing the research we recommend, and comparing reviews from other medical marijuana patients, we feel confident that you’ll make us your first choice in dispensaries.

Talk To Your Friends About Medical Marijuana

Chances are that you have a friend or two with a Missouri medical marijuana card. Since they’ve already scoped the dispensaries in your area, find out their preferences. Do they have a favorite dispensary? If so, what made that dispensary gain their trust? You’ll find it can be fun and informative to go shopping with other medical marijuana patients. So why not ask a medical marijuana pal to accompany you when you start exploring?

Ask Your Doctor About Medical Marijuana

Since you’ve already seen a doctor who gave you a diagnosis for your medical marijuana qualifying condition, find out if he or she has some suggestions regarding medical marijuana dispensaries in the area. Physicians often have medical resources and feedback from other medical marijuana patients that could be helpful to you.

Look Around For Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

As you’re on your daily commute to and from work, or running errands in your community, look for medical marijuana dispensaries along your route. Keep track of the ones that catch your eye. If there are lots of cars in their parking lot, that can be an encouraging sign!

Search Online For Recommended Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Fortunately, the internet can be one of your best friends when you’re seeking a reputable medical marijuana dispensary. Start with a Google search that can quickly show you the dispensaries nearby. From there you can dig further to read online dispensary reviews from other medical marijuana patients.

Pay Attention To Customer Reviews About Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

There are a number of places to read medical marijuana reviews online, like Yelp and Leafly. You’ll find these resources useful when researching medical marijuana dispensaries near you. Start by looking for reviews of the dispensaries you’ve noted when commuting or running errands around town. By checking them out, you’ll gain a good sense of a medical marijuana dispensary’s strengths and weaknesses. You can never have too much information at hand to sort out the yeses, no’s, and maybes on your list.

Keep Informed About Medical Marijuana Dispensaries With Social Media

Don’t forget that social media can also be a good source for medical marijuana insights. Look up medical marijuana dispensaries and brands that you’ve heard of or seen elsewhere. Does their messaging draw you in? Do you get a positive impression from their medical marijuana followers? Keep track of the dispensaries and products that attract you. You’ll find that medical marijuana dispensaries, like Nature’s Medicines, often use social media for posting photos of their cultivation and the brands they carry. Visuals like these can influence your decisions, too!

Why Choose Nature’s Medicines

We were founded in 2013 on the belief that cannabis adds dramatic new choices and possibilities to our lives. Our mission has always been to help our patients and customers live life to its fullest by infusing the benefits of marijuana into daily living. With our deep understanding of how cannabis is the key to a higher quality of life, Nature’s Medicines has consistently upheld our principles of quality, safety, caring and affordable prices over the years.

Remember that Nature’s Medicines is here to educate you and help you make the best decisions. Visit our medical marijuana dispensary in St. Ann for high quality products and knowledgeable guidance.

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